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Alliance with Conservation International

As part of its ongoing responsibility to environmental management, particularly in the areas in which it operates, Continental Gold announced in June 2015 that it had partnered with Conservation International to promote conservation and environmental governance in the municipality of Buriticá.

Under the terms of the agreement, Conservation International (a non-profit environmental association operating in over 30 countries) will review and identify areas in the Buriticá region that are home to diverse wildlife and flora. Furthermore, the agreement calls for the development of environmental programs important to the biodiversity of the region and for the sustainable development and subsistence of the community. The partnership further demonstrates the Company’s continuous commitment to the preservation of the environment within the greater Buriticá area.

For further details, see Continental Gold partners with Conservation International for Environmental Preservation Initiatives in Buriticá.



Alliance with Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje (SENA)

Thanks to an agreement between Continental Gold and the National Training Service of Colombia, Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje (SENA), 60 high school graduates from Western Antioquia, primarily from the area of influence of the Buriticá Project, commenced training in mining works at SENA. Under sponsorship of a learning contract, these young people will take technical courses, such as Mining Works, Electromechanical Assembly and Maintenance of Underground Mining Facilities. Graduation from the program provides increased opportunity to secure permanent jobs.

The training program has received strong support from both the state (departmental) and municipal level governments.

“Today we applaud the Company’s initiative, which is supported by both the departmental and municipal governments.”

–Juan José Castaño, Director of Mining Development with the Mining Department of the Government of Antioquia

“Thank you for the opportunity given to these young people to train in mining works. I hope you will continue to give priority to the community of Buriticá.”

–Humberto Castaño Úsuga, Mayor of Buriticá

By providing training, Continental Gold aims to play a part in Buriticá’s new story. Training in Colombia’s most modern mechanized underground project should provide important skills to the community as they compete in the mining sector, in addition to promoting employability in the municipality of Buriticá and its neighboring towns. These technical courses are a fundamental part of our initiative launched in Buriticá as part of our commitment to the municipality and Western Antioquia. In addition to this program, we continue with our traditional education principles: Basic Training, Job Training and Higher Education.